About Hand Drawn Album Covers

This project started in a branch of  Tiger stores upon spying a small square sketchbook. My initial reaction was ‘cool, nice little square sketchbook’. I then thought ‘You’ve got loads of sketchbooks kicking around, why buy more?’. Fair enough. But then they idea dawned, fill it with alternative versions of record covers. That idea changed into filling it with pen and ink drawings of copies of album covers, some quite crude or naive, just for fun.

The plan was to complete the sketchbook and then put it online, though stilla work in progress, a recent submission to Fleetwood Mac’s Facebook picture gallery, for the Rumours album anniversary I decided to start putting up what I’ve already got.

All visions and orginal concepts remain copyright of their respected owners. All artwork is copyright of Andrew Cieciala.

More work at Ambientland online web comic.