Ice T – Original Gangster


Oh yeah, I’m back motherf***er, Ice-T, 1991 fool,
Told you, you should’ve killed me last year!

And so it begins, kind of an apology from me, at Hand Drawn Album Covers for being quiet over the last few months. What can I say, It’s been Winter, and what a way to welcome you back with some prime words of wisdom from Tracy Marrow and Ziplock from his fourth album Original Gangster.

Following up his monster album Power, Ice T returned in 1991 on Warner Brothers with his OG set, packed with more controversy and introducing his thrash band Body Count.

‘Home of The Body Bag’ set the pace from the get go as Ice T takes us on a whirlwind tour via ‘New Jack Hustler‘, ‘Original Gangster‘  and ‘Mic Contact‘. Rated by many as one of his best, the albums sign off to the US president and his wife and his ‘detractors’ certainly leaves an impression.