Kate Bush – Hounds of Love



The fifth studio album from Kate Bush was the Hounds of Love. Released in 1985 it was preceded with the single ‘Running Up That Hill‘, which peaked in the charts at number 3. The first side comprised of other tracks which were all destined to be hits including ‘Hounds of Love‘, ‘Cloudbusting‘ and ‘Big Sky‘. The second side of the album was a concept piece entitled ‘The Ninth Wave‘ focusing on a person adrift at sea.

Musically the album incorporated a lot of traditional instrumentation all set off by the Fairlight synthesizer as well as a great sample of Mr Meek the medium, from the classic horror ‘Night of the Demon‘ on the intro to the titular track.

Big news at the moment, Kate Bush has just returned to the live stage with a huge run of shows at the Hammmersmith Apollo in London were she last performed some 30 years ago. Enjoy this felt pen version of her lounging with her two hounds on the cover.