KLF – The White Room

Somebody out there requested ‘Chill Out‘ from these cats, but I’d already committed pen to paper on this one, so apologies to Scaramanga Silk but you’ll have to make do with The KLF’s classic The White Room.

Fourth and final release from Jimmy Cauty and Bill Drummond under their KLF guise and was originally conceived as a soundtrack to an abandoned road movie, The White Room, a search by the KLF for a mythical White Room which would release them from their contract with Eternity.

With many still praising the album as the epitome of the creative output of the late 80’s Acid House scene, the 1991 release featured some of their strongest work – ‘3AM Eternal‘, ‘What Time Is Love‘, ‘Last Train to Trancentral‘ and ‘Justified and Ancient‘ were all big single releases.