Led Zeppelin – Led Zeppelin


Hey, hey mama, it’s a massive flaming dirigible. Well, actually it’s the world famous image of the Hindenburg airship disaster which is now more synonymous with the debut album of true music legends.

Led Zeppelin’s 1969 eponymous release was a startling update of blues based sounds with a ‘heavier’ tone. With Robert Plant’s wail in full effect and Jimmy Page’s guitar work coming together over the titanic rhythm section of John Paul Jones and John Bonham the future was set in stone.

Recorded in October 1968 and on the shelves by January 1969 it was met with mixed reviews at the time but fans fell in love with the classic selection of tunes ‘Dazed and Confused‘, ‘Communication Breakdown‘, ‘Good Times, Bad Times‘ and ‘How Many More Times

A classic cover immortalised in felt pen!