Smashing Pumpkins – Siamese Dream


Prog beyond it’s alternative rock roots, Chicago outfit Smashing Pumpkins were at the top of their game with this, their second album, released in 1993, Siamese Dream.

Still consisting of James Iha, D’Arcy, Jimmy Chamberlain and Billy Corgan the band built on their debut Gish album with this swirling epic, eyes on the prize and throwing everything into it. Kicking off with the single Cherub Rock and rolling into Quiet the opening salvo was rounded off with second single Today, already setting the bar pretty high. What follows sees grunge rock embracing psychedelia, metal and pop hooks in one package, the heavy riffage of Geek U.S.A. fades into the expansive Mayonaise which in turn leads to the delicate Spaceboy, before the propulsive Silverfuck leads the listener towards the end when Sweet, Sweet and Luna ease you out of the whole experience.

The cover features two young girls, with what looks like angel outfits on, throughout various re-unions and anniversaries Billy Corgan has tried to get the original pair back together, even at one point in 2008 claiming that Pumpkins bassist at the time Nicole Fiorentino was one of the gals (later found out to be not true).

Personally it’s one of my favourite albums, and soundtracks a great year in Norwich at Art School, with a handful of  posters for the album from Lizard Records of Goat Lane on the flat walls and a trip to Cambridge Corn Exchange to see the band on the tour, missing the last train (due to the extended jam of Silverfuck) and hanging around the town to catch the first train back in the morning.