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Paul Simon – Graceland


From 1986 Paul Simon’s seventh studio album ‘Graceland’ brought the styings of Zydeco, South Africa and some smart pop to the charts and is his most successful solo album. He faced controversy for seemingly breaking the cultural boycott imposed by the rest of the world against South Africa because of its policy of apartheid. Following…

Roberta Flack – First Take


  First Take was the debut album from Roberta Flack released in 1969 and it’s one of my favourite albums. It dips into jazz, soul, gospel and elements of pop and weaves a strange spell on the listener. Taking off with the jazzy ‘Compared To What‘ the album takes in songs written by such diverse…

David Bowie – Be My Wife – Speed of Life


Be My Wife was released by David Bowie in June 1977 and was taken from his Low album. It’s B side was the albums instrumental introduction piece, ‘Speed of Life’. Rendered in felt pen and included in this Hand Drawn Album Covers (as a single) this was another illustration commissioned for Wedding decorations.

White Stripes – Elephant


  The White Stripes crop up here with their album cover for Elephant. The Detroit duo of Meg and Jack White release this, their fourth studio album in April 2003 and again it featured design based around their signature Red, Black and White colour schemes. Home to the hits of ‘The Hardest Button to Button‘,…

Kate Bush – Hounds of Love


  The fifth studio album from Kate Bush was the Hounds of Love. Released in 1985 it was preceded with the single ‘Running Up That Hill‘, which peaked in the charts at number 3. The first side comprised of other tracks which were all destined to be hits including ‘Hounds of Love‘, ‘Cloudbusting‘ and ‘Big…

The Beach Boys – Pet Sounds


  The eleventh album from the American rock band The Beach Boys was entitled Pet Sounds. Released through Capitol records in May 1966 it is heavily considered to be one of the most influential recording made. Featuring the tracks ‘Wouldn’t It Be Nice’ , ‘I Know There’s an Answer’ and ‘God Only Knows’, Brian Wilson…

Queen – News of the World


  Queen‘s sixth studio album ‘News of the World‘ arrived in 1977 and included the classic tracks ‘We Will Rock You’, ‘We Are The Champions’, ‘Get Down, Make Love’, ‘Sheer Heart Attack’ and ‘Spread Your Wings’. Produced by the band themselves the cover was a reworked Astounding Stories cover by artist Frank Kelly Freas. Seen…

Bob Dylan – The Freewheelin Bob Dylan


  The second studio album from Mr Zimmerman, ‘The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan’ was released in 1963. Taken cues from stories of the time focusing on civil rights Dylan uses the album to wiled his own lyrics to the traditional folk tunes, departing from his first album which was mainly cover versions. Kicking of with his…

Bruce Springsteen – Nebraska


  The sixth studio album from Bruce Springsteen, Nebraska is a more stripped back work. Originally intended to be demos for the next E-Street band record, Bruce decided to release them himself and it remains one of the most highly regarded albums in his catalogue. With sparse instrumentation throughout and sombre songs it deals with…

Herbie Hancock – Head Hunters


  US Jazz master, Herbie Hancock dropped Head Hunters in 1973 as his twelfth studio album. Forming a new band for the occasion, it featured a tight rhythm and blues orientated rhythm section and saw him opt out of guitar altogether, replacing it with clavinet, a defining sound on the album. Comprising of four tracks…