The Streets – Original Pirate Material



Lock down your aeriel. Mike Skinner burst onto the music scene in 202 with what is still regarded as a classic slice of London life. A far cry from the britpop posturing of the era, Original Pirate Material from The Streets, spoke to folks not only in the capital but all across the UK.

Mixing up Garage and Hip Hop with Skinner’s raps, the album begins with the pulsing string and beat intro of ‘Turn The Page’ before launching into  ‘Has It Come To This’. Honest and eloquent throughout, Mike Skinner to the blueprint of this album through a five album career, ultimately ending in a similar way to it’s beginnings. A document of the time, the cover shows a council block at night and is as good a representation as any of the many vignettes and lives inside the album.

In felt pen, of course.