The Velvet Underground and Nico


Known as The Velvet Underground and Nico (often refered to as Andy Warhol or Banana) this debut album is widely recognised as the starting point for many alternative music styles, and it’s influence can be seen in acts as diverse as My Bloody Valentine,Sonic Youth, The Jesus and Mary Chain to others like The Pastels, Belle and Sebastian and Broadcast.

With a screen print by Andy Warhol the album was full of experimental elements and controversial subject matter, touching on drug use, prostitution, S & M and deviancy, it was poorly received on original release in 1967 on The Verve label.

The list of tracks which would later become the bedrock for include Sunday Morning, Heroin, I’m Waiting For The Man, Venus in Furs, Run Run Run, All Tomorrows Parties, There She Goes Again and I’ll Be Your Mirror.

Not sure if Andy would approve of my grey Tombo brush pen version, but we all know about imitation…..Venus in Felts?